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Common Name - Mat Rush - A very adaptable native, this tuffty plant does well in a variety of conditions, from boggy wetland to dry clay. Planted with other natives or used as a different foliage the plant responds well to a hard trim and can withstand dogs and childrens feet with ease. Use as a scattered planting or as a native grass border. Is of great use for stabilising soil in areas such as embankments or creeks.

Common Use Border - Ornamental
Ideal Use Height Range (metres) 0.6
Ideal Use Width (metres) 0.3
Growth Rate Once Established - per year 0.6mtr
Native To Australia
Maximum Height (metres) 0.7
Maximum Width (metres) 0.5
Flower Tan
Flower Time Summer
Other Comment  
For a clean look, you can trim the foliage back when flowering is finished, so in the spring you will have new clean foliage.