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Agapanthus praecox Dwarf Blue

$2.00 inc.GST

Common Name – Dwarf Blue Agapanthus – Dwarf blue Agapanthus are a hardy, reliable variety, producing stunning colour with a compact form. It is ideal for lining garden beds or pathways where they will thrive on next to no attention!


Common UseBorder
Ideal Use Height Range (metres)0.25
Ideal Use Width (metres)0.25
Growth Rate Once Established0.2m
Native ToAfrica
Maximum Height (metres)0.25mtrs per year
Maximum Width (metres)0.25mtrs per year
Flower TimeSpring Autumn
Other Comment 
In some situations, agapanthus are capable of reproducing from seed, a simple Dead heading of the flowers when flowering is finished will remove any possibility of unsolicited growth!

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