Agapanthus Care

Generally speaking Agapanthus are an extremely hardy variety of plant, but for those of you who need some help here are some answers to commonly asked questions.


Planting Depth

Agapanthus only need to be planted just above the neck of the bulb. Generally 3-4 inches deep for the larger variety and about 2 inches for the dwarf varieties. Planting too deep will disadvantage the plants growth and restrict the plants divisional process.


We recommend planting 2-3 plants to the metre depending on the effect you are after. For a border you can even try planting every 30cm in a diagonal pattern for a fuller effect.


Keeping water up to our Agapanthus when first planted and first established is fairly important, especially in dry areas. If you water at least once a day during this period ( 2-3 weeks ) will ensure optimum growth. Once established general rainfall is usually enough to supply the Agapanthus with it's required amount of water with the exception of very dry areas.



 Being such a hardy plant, Agapanthus need minimal amounts of fertilizer for general growth. Applying some dynamic lifter or manure around the base of the plant will encourage strong growth and longer flowering.

Cutting Foliage Back

Cutting the foliage back when first transplanting your Agapanthus can be beneficial for a few reasons, including better root development, encouraging the Agapanthus to multiply and a fuller flowering for the coming season.


Delayed Planting

If you are unable to plant your Agapanthus within a few days of receiving them, we suggest that the plants should be placed upright in moist soil, sawdust or shredded paper with the roots covered in a shaded area. If this can not be done, wrap the plants in moist newspaper or heishein in a cool spot.

Removing Seed Heads

Removing seed heads is optional, doing this will prevent the spread of unwanted seeds and non-desired colors occuring in the future years. (eg, Blue plants appearing in a hedge of white plants). An Agapanthus grown from seed is unlikely to flower for 2 - 3 years.